L'Amérique du Nord au coeur de l'écotourisme.

Depuis plusieurs années, des programmes d’écotourisme se sont développés en Amérique du nord, principalement encouragés par l’état et diverses ONG. Ces programmes contribuent notamment à financer la préservation de la biodiversité menacée par la surexploitation et la déforestation.

L’Amérique du Nord regorge de parcs naturels et de grands espaces propices au tourisme durable et sportif.

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Quelques exemples de destinations réalisées par nos étudiants en Amérique du Nord : Montreal, Toronto, San Francisco (Napa Valley), Miami…

Aperçu du programme international local :

Learning the economic vision behind adventure tourism in the country visited and its main obstacles. The students will have a vision of the activities proposed inside the region and their restrictions. They will have a vision of the security aspect of those activities and the existing possibilities in terms of solutions such as insurance or security labels.

Students will have to create a basic financial statement while learning how to present it to potential investors. They will have to understand the considerations of fundraising. Regarding their tourism product and their market, they will have to present an understandable financial plan that fits with their target market and their objectives.

Learning the historical landmarks of the country visited and having a geographical knowledge of the region. Simultaneously the students will apprehend the political system in place and its impact on civilization and the different cultures in order to be able to adapt their touristic product to the specificities of the country.

The aim is to explore and to have an economic vision of the touristic market. They will learn about the obstacles and the different trends of the country visited. They will be able to associate their touristic product with public and it will answer a problem. The student will have a global vision of the market evolution and its future evolution.

Sustainability is a major problem nowadays, and tourism is one of the most impactful businesses on global warming. The goal of this course is to make them understand what actions can be done to reduce this impact. Giving them some insight and concrete examples of new actors that develop their business regarding this problem.

This course aims to help students develop their English skills using professional vocabulary to explain themselves in a work context environment. They will learn some vocabulary to familiarize themselves with their sector’s essential terminologies. At the end of the program, they’ll have to present their tourism product in English.

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